Wild Thing

Wild Thing

Slot machine test: wild thing

If you in this title have the famous song in my head, is that certainly not wrong. But also the eponymous slot machine handle bears this name, which should be partly on the Games program. Basically, if slot machines this Naidoo slot game to a fruit, but he got a distinct spiciness, because he's been shipped off into the jungle. And here there are not only fruits, but also a beautiful woman who can look but not only good, but also to offer otherwise. It causes the namely for free games and also in wild thing are free spins the rounds, where the profits can only so jumbled. But not enough, because of a wild also has the machine. Good condition are in any case, so that you don't have to go out empty-handed from the number. The odds are certainly present.

Convince you can also in the Star Games Casino. Sign up here, to be able to even wild thing play for free. As a demo version, which is good to become acquainted with the machine. If you saw it but also on real profits, then you simply load up your account and then play with real stakes.

Play Wild Thing online now!

Wild thing playing online

Even if the beautiful woman maybe twisted head friends, so but the game runs according to normal rules. The ten winning lines are a special feature, because not all of them go completely from left to right. Basically, there are only three lines, which cover almost all rolls. But in any case, it is your goal to make rows of identical symbols on these lines, what can be done also from right to left. A line with such a winning line is filled, then she is a profitable, you write well you can leave the.

Even though it may seem only, so the profit heights are but no accidents. These are calculated fairly accurately. Your usage, which is then multiplied by the value of the symbol is used for the basis of the calculation. You can increase your bet in each round as the value of the symbol with the length of the series grows. In this way much is from small to high profits possible, so you need to find an optimal setting for you, at the right moment of wild thing to have set a good usage.

Slot game symbols in the wild thing online slot

The symbols in the slot machine game thing will be for you no surprise since Naidoo has used just the classical motifs. So you will find fruit symbols, where the water-melons and grapes are more four times. The Bell also is good, but are still in the seven and the star. The chic woman serves as transferring scatter, free spins. Up to 20 free spins, where you pay no usage, is but a nice view. The game is easy to see and is used also in wild thing as Joker.

Slot machines instructions by wild thing

Even if you never should have used an online slots, you will learn very quickly how wild thing works, especially since you can not adjust the number of lines. Well, you can but screws in a mission, what matters may from time to time to adjust your balances or a tactic. With the card gamble feature, you have the option to put your money on all or nothing after winning. With a little luck, you so double your winnings, alternatively however lost the round win.

Conclusion of the wild thing test

In any case, the design is of the wild thing slot machine well managed and offers so or as a nice change of pace from the other fruit slots. But also in the functions, the machine is not without, and if you once the free spins will receive, then your account grows quickly, so turns wild thing at its best.